Transcending shame the system to “blame” attempting to frame the fact barriers must be transcended misusing god’s name the separation beliefs defended excuse, not to think having more to learn if one gets offended organize war and chaos, we all descended through our submission we stepped into being suspended I know your slavery was not […]

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Industrial Hell

petroleum smell internal hell reminder of our mothers rape industrial escape devastating natural landscape seemingly, easier to die no desire, to feed the lie tensions raising high as we all wonder why no matter how hard we try we’re all prisoners, unable to touch the sky

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Bankrupt, non existent morals in a world that isn’t fair before we were released to society, we all use to share I remember a time we expected nothing of each other beyond stoked simply to be in the presence of one another why did you have to go sweet nurturing lover remembering another distraction stirring […]

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No fear

Does it get more free than a child at play having no fear to keep at bay rather than recognizing a world with dismay eager to discover each new day watching the balance fray nothing you can do or say will let you feel that way again like a toy used only for display let […]

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Play it

Play it cool or play a fool think, from your heart begin, with the start path guided precision, sharper than a dart love, being one part expression, revealing only art  

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The thought of death

No desire to break free I may be killed for helping you see the thought of death does not scare me almost unbearable to witness the abuse, lies and control after a while civilization takes its toll the biggest kidnapping in history still taking place holding earth hostage nothing on earth is safe from humanities […]

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Pre purchased fate

Bound, unable to escape lashed, to their pre purchased fate purchased with beliefs purchased with hate enslaved, to the consumer reliefs relief, from the natural moment wandering lost, amidst your own mind frantically panicking, as the old ways get left behind the system, inviting but never kind shackled, in line seemingly transparent bind bound, to […]

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