Buffalo Man

I am the buffalo Man who ruled this land until the white man came with his guns and flames he killed my buffalo for fun and games he took their tails and he took their tongues but I am the buffalo man and i will rule again leading my herds back to the promise land […]

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Aina Provides

The Aina provides we must unite the tribes nurture those who seek to divide the lost tribes of civilization replacing our mothers creation with an artificial nation divide and conquer contributing to the war monger we shouldn’t let this tyranny shouldn’t go on any longer man takes all, leaving only petroleum pollution behind we have […]

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the encumberment of attachment

the burden of distractions the encumberment of attachment limiting our potential actions the path which leads to resentment subduing our motivation, dividing dreams into fractions straying far from the field of contentment karma, the result of interaction reactions wandering lost among st the chaos, blindly believing help will be sent surrendering our mind to be […]

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Civilization disgust

Civilization disgust only a place for distrust society, over run with lust lusting, to reciprocate the violence and control what kind of people lust for a never ending war sacrificing innocent lives, for illiusionary debt lustful civilized whore the atrocities, we can not forget lusting for hatred lust consuming, everything sacred   longing for peace […]

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Racing thoughts

Too many racing thoughts occupied the mind no room for the present forever leaving the moment behind societal pace the opposite of pleasant always searching for what they cannot find the non peaceful will always seek to manipulate the peasant no peace, existing internally trying desperately, to control externally those, who work the hardest their […]

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Do not be afraid wouldn’t mimic civilization for its principles are jaded look at the mess humanity has made with our loss of sustainability we slowly watched as our connection faded connection with land connection with sea and fire our mother helped us understand connection with stars and moon connection beyond grand flowing with the […]

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Familiar Love

  Familiar Love strong dove powerful presence enchanting essence the mane of the lion the path of zion the grace in flying the ease in dying the release in crying the turmoil in trying

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