Quiet Mind

Only when we quiet our mind do our doubts, fears and insecurities truly get left behind let go what we do not know appreciate the rhythmic flow as still as the water composing snow Advertisements

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Beautiful creatures

All the beautiful creatures divine wild teachers able to fly able to be one with the sky living no lie beyond a natural high no consciousness pondering why unparalleled grace remembering, right in front of our face letting it all go if that’s the case

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Painting the world as it appears waiting patiently as the path clears surrendering, only to our tears transcending limitations and fears lush velvet spears soflty piercing the silence of the dark night carrying a beacon illuminating with light

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Hear the hummingbirds, wings humming listen to the lions heart steady drumming the wolves howling birds singing natural echoes ringing leaves fluttering amongst the flow watching a tree grow waves building and crashing dolphins dancing and dashing beauty beyond ravishing

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Family foundation honoring creation honoring by living honoring through giving guiding each other steady with our mother listening to our lover gratitude for one another

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Clock of life

  There will come a time when we must step out of line or our voice, spirit and dreams will be forever left behind only a brief moment before the clock of life ticks its final tick will there be a chance to remind of all the things we could have done and all the […]

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Looked After

Looked After finding home amongst the laughter they all tried but none succeeded to craft her attempting to tame her spirit within thinking she too could be controlled by men profiting off illusionary sin oh how wrong they could be she would always be free she is the protector and the all provider why does […]

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